The CFO Alliance is a subscription-based network for finance leaders to connect with peers and gain knowledge, tools, and methods to lead positive change. Members enjoy a collaborative learning environment with insights, benchmarking data, and best practices. We achieve this through on-demand threads, studies, roundtables, and personalized consultation. Our pragmatic approach tackles real-time issues and our futurist vision prepares members for what's trending.


The CFO Alliance is the largest professional peer-group community solely dedicated to advancing the business and personal development objectives of emerging and mid-market finance executives. Now in our 12th year with over 500 peer-group roundtables on the burning issues conducted and thousands of interactions among 9,000 Members representing virtually all industries, we uniquely understand the challenges and needs of the finance function. It’s this sheer scope and hands-on nature of our engagements that drives a perpetual cycle of new value creation for our Members.

Because no other C-suite role has undergone the level of change and complexity as that of the role of the CFO, our focus is on equipping Members with the insights, methods, and tools needed to lead positive change and growth. In our dynamic and collaborative learning and information sharing environment, Members receive forward-thinking insights, benchmarking data, problem-solving approaches, and best practices through a mix of market studies, interactive roundtables, and access to SMEs for personalized consultation. It’s a doing and helping community founded on the principle of ensuring measurable outcomes. As pragmatists, we help members tackle the real-time issues of the day, and as futurists, we help improve the forward visibility needed to prepare for what’s trending further out.

And in support of the most crucial needs of the finance function and enabling the personal aspirations of finance leaders to materialize, Members have single-point access to a range of strategic capabilities. When objectives such as getting the finance function to perform at a high level, or accessing the right partners for diverse capital needs, or pursuing career development opportunities become imperatives, we direct specialized teams backed by proven processes to seamlessly imbed and implement comprehensive Managed FP&A, Corporate Finance, and Talent Acquisition services.

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The CFO Alliance attentively listens and delivers measurable benefits guided by a 4-point value creation platform:

  • LEAD: We see CFOs as leaders and force multipliers. Beyond providing the tools and informational resources that help them affect positive transformation of the finance function, we help CFOs model the thinking and behaviors needed to inspire others cross-functionally and emerge as trusted, fact-based leaders of growth missions. We help Members gain broader understanding of market dynamics and increase cross-functional knowledge enabling them to lead organizational alignment on the imperatives, process improvements across the value chain, and tight integration of market strategies and tactics enabling more aggressive market capture.CFO Value Plank
  • LEARN: We believe that learning is the greatest force for change. To enhance Members’ perspectives and the core skills needed to outperform business objectives we augment the priceless value derived from of “wisdom of the crowd” peer collaboration with hyper-relevant content needed to execute the role effectively. We introduce and process today’s barriers and countermeasures and simultaneously track leading indicators of change to provide the forward visibility needed to get in front of what lies ahead.
  • CHANGE: This “taking action” phase of the platform converts learnings into transformational performance improvement of the finance function. “Getting finance right” is Job 1, but it’s also the gateway for freeing up time for CFOs to make more strategic contributions. Our programs embrace both dimensions of designing and implementing change – providing the resources and methods to fix things that are broken and the expert guidance needed to implement things that are opportunistically new. And when talent, FP&A expertise, and access to capital are part of the change architecture, Members have direct access to expertise and relationship-based account service delivered by skilled teams.
  • CONNECT: “Making Connections That Count” was one of our founding objectives. Our diverse Membership represents a vast array of non-profits, industries, and businesses of various sizes. The collaborative nature of this community builds productive relationships willing to share actionable insights and proven methods through facilitated peer-group discussions and formal studies offering a world view on what’s important, strategic direction, countermeasures on the barriers, and insights as to how opportunities will be captured.

Our collective know-how combined with the content we deliver and the connections we enable helps CFOs:

  • Advance quicker through the finance knowledge curve to evolve from steward/operator to catalyst/strategist
    • Answer more “what if” questions and far less “what happened” questions
    • Strengthen personal stature and influence
    • Build more productive and trusted relationships – up, down, and around, and on the outside with key stakeholders
  • Unlock greater value of data for actionable business intelligence
    • Improve analysis and understanding of the implications of regulatory, economic, industry, and customer trends with tension
    • Accurately interpret leading indicators of business performance and market dynamics for more accurate long-range planning and preparation for agile pivots
  • Improve finance function performance
    • Build leaner and more efficient finance workflows
    • Streamline data aggregation, transform processes, and increase financial visibility
    • Improve the predictability and measurability of key metrics and expected outcomes
    • Reduce risk and latency between analytics, reporting, decisions, and implementation
    • Drive cross-functional alignment and accountability
    • Reduce costs and improve ROI

Members have seamless access a range of strategic services:

To support both problem-solving and opportunist change within the finance function and business growth overall, we partnered with First Water to provide industry-leading expertise in FP&A and Corporate Finance. They have the proven tools, expert teams, and a robust network to support all finance function needs at lower costs than traditional engagement models.

  • FP&A: With data and analysis central to business model optimization, First Water’s Managed FP&A Service organizes and turns data into business intelligence dashboards, enables more accurate planning and forecasting, takes the tedium out of reporting, and gives greater visibility to cash and working capital. Fixing FP&A is a stress reliever that frees up time for CFOs to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Corporate Finance: The keys to capital access are preparedness, engagement flexibility, and getting the right partners around the table. Members have seamless access to proven model whether the need be debt and working capital, growth equity capital, acquisitions, or business sale. With capital existential to growth, First Water offers a quicker and more effective way to achieve your goals.
  • Because businesses transform and succeed though people and acquiring the right talent remains challenging, we leverage our extensive network of businesses and finance professionals to identify the right candidates and precisely match them with business requirements and career growth opportunities.
  • Talent Acquisition: We know the organizations and the people from working on the key issues and opportunities together directly. We confidentially source and place ready-now candidates using direct, hands-on knowledge of their talents and aspirations and precisely tailor-match them to businesses and non-profits in need. What are you looking for?
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