Our singularity of focus: Our Members' issues and missions.

Like no other community, The CFO Alliance precisely understands the aspirations, needs, complexities, and ever-expanding demands placed on the CFO role. Ten years of collaboration and attentive listening involving thousands of interactions and over 500 peer group roundtables have inspired us to find new ways to create value that’s relevant, actionable, and measurable.

Uniquely better than any conventional method of market research, our past and real-time engagement with you will inform a continuous cycle of innovation, content development, and quality of execution designed to help you on both a personal and professional level. And, having served nearly 100 companies and capital partners, we understand the challenges of the FP&A function and need for capital to address a full spectrum of needs.

We now enable single point access to this full spectrum of value. 


Learning: Better understanding of other functions. LEARN how everything should work. LEARN to ask the tough questions that will pressure test your assumptions. LEARN better problem-solving models, market analytics, modern segmentation models, predictive data, strategy, branding, marketing and sales forecasting criteria, customer experience, scenario planning and 'early warning systems.' Know what is and what isn't a good input/output.

Connection: Making connections that count. CONNECT with peers. CONNECT with SMEs. CONNECT with career and consulting opportunities. CONNECT with capital sources. 


SINGLE POINT access to finance expertise and peer-group collaboration will help CFOs:

  • As a finance leader, evolve from steward/operator to catalyst/strategist
  • Unlock greater value and useability of data and business intelligence
    • streamline data aggregation, transformation, and visibility to reduce the latency between analytics, decisions, and implementation
  • Improve future-proofing
    • answer more “what if” questions and far less “what happened” questions
  • Improve monitoring and analytics of economic and industry trends with tension
    • interpret leading indicators of performance and market dynamics more holistically and granularly to enable more accurate long-range planning and prepping for agile pivots
  • Improve the predictability and measurability of metrics and expected outcomes
  • Improve finance and cross-functional accountabilities
  • Reduce costs and improve ROI
  • Prepare comprehensively and get quicker and vetted access to the right relationships and the right capital
  • Build leaner and more efficient finance workflows
    • improve processes, reduce tedium, and free-up time to make more strategic contributions more precisely inform business and functional strategies and decision making
    • improve reporting capabilities
  • Learn
    • leverage benchmarking, develop new perspectives, and learn from others to continuously develop personally and professionally
    • advance through the finance knowledge curve
  • Get seamless access to FP&A and Corporate Finance expertise when needed that’s backed by proven tools, expert teams, and a robust network for all finance function needs at lower cost than traditional engagement models
  • Strengthen your own influence; build more productive and trusted relationships internally – up, down, and around the organization
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