Open FP&A Opportunities


This position offers a unique opportunity to join a growing, scrappy team. First Water team members work across a variety of businesses, industries, situations, and capability sets. We are never bored and relish working in an environment where data-related and tech-enabled advancements present opportunities to continuously improve our processes and methodologies.

This role is particularly attractive for a professional looking to expand his/her finance skill sets, including:

  • Data structuring, transformation, and visualization (business intelligence);
  • Financial modeling and recurring process development;
  • Due diligence, transaction negotiation, and process execution;
  • Consulting skills with C-level, board, and investor stakeholder engagement;
  • Development and deployment of scale-able process methodologies; and,
  • Leading teams of finance professionals.

Many traditional finance roles run a high risk of pigeon-holing, as professionals become more and more versed in a single company, industry, system environment, and/or set of processes. At First Water, we believe learned skills should open exposure to other disciplines and perspectives, not just the next rung on ladder. As a result, we are not only building a better set of finance solutions for businesses, but we are also building the environment to cultivate better finance professionals.

Note on Remote Work / Work-From-Home

  • We are headquartered in Houston, TX. Many of our relationships are Texas-based, though we serve partner companies across the United States and Canada.
  • Although we value face-to-face collaboration for process design, troubleshooting, and team camaraderie, we are open to remote/work-from-home setups for the right candidates.