No one knows the office of the CFO better than The CFO Alliance and its Partners (First Water and AchieveNEXT).

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Get the right data into the right hands faster. Look forward to testing assumptions, setting goals, and making confident decisions. Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) serves as the data and analytical hub of the modern business organization, yet emerging and mid-market companies typically lack the multi-person dedicated FP&A teams of their larger brethren.

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Traditional finance models are beholden to their engagement models, particularly those surrounding transactions. If you’re not dealing right now, or taking the capital first, they can’t (or won’t) help. Despite their valuable market roles, their models rely on a critical assumption – that you already know all your options and which is/are the best fit(s) for your objectives. This simply isn’t the case for most small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

The CFO Alliance through First Water offers a different approach. With a wider toolbox, engagement flexibility, over $5 billion in diverse transaction experience, and a deep capital network, there are no conflicts in trying to fit you into our box – we stay aligned with your goals, even if they change. Relational Finance shines brightest in transactions, whether the opportunity is in six months or six years.

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Talent Acquisition

AchieveNEXT works with clients to find the best-fit talent through the unique combination of trusted partners, referral sources, unparalleled access to The CFO Alliance and their own networks, and the dedicated efforts of our leading-edge talent sourcing team’s proprietary and AI-driven candidate recruitment and screening processes.

AchieveNEXT executive search sets the gold standard in sourcing opportunities and candidates by leveraging the expertise and tools available through its executive coaching practice. Throughout our decade-long history, the CFO Alliance has championed the role of CFOs and finance executives with the intent of managing their functions more effectively and sustainably growing their businesses. AchieveNEXT executive search capabilities are powered by technology and led by functionally experienced Coaches and Talent Advisors you can count on. They source, screen and get you introductions to the perfect candidate—faster.

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