Finance Resource Roadmap Worksheet

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This resource roadmap worksheet, produced by First Water Finance, targets a single skill gap in accomplishing a finance function capability milestone or improvement goal.
The exercise may be used for broad to granular/specific skills and can be repeated for multiple skills to optimize team buildouts or initiative planning.



Skill Gap


First identifying the options on where a skill may reside, internally or outside the organization, helps qualify team
training focal points and prospective process risks (e.g., turnover risk).

Skill Location



Internal – Core (Teamwide)



Internal – Specialized



External Access



Assessing the existing team for skills, teachability, time, and desired professional development helps clarify where the opportunity
lies and where changes are needed. (Rate 1-5; 1 as none/minimal, 5 very high)

Name / Role

Current Level

Ability to Learn

Time to Learn

Desire to Learn


























Options may be limited, but are still nuanced. For example, opening team time to develop one skill may mean hiring/outsourcing
for another. Outline below how you will attack the competency gap between the existing team and incremental resources.


Roadmap Decisions / Comments

Load Shifts


New Hire(s) – Backfill


New Hire(s) – Skill Gap


External Access – Backfill


External Access – Skill Gap