Recession Proof Your Sales Team

We have experienced 12 recessions since WWII, typically lasting 8-18 months.


Is your business prepared to weather the storm of an economic slowdown and or recession? Sixty-eight percent of CEOs surveyed believe a recession will occur, but few have a plan in place.


Seventy-five percent of businesses realized declining revenue in the last recession, but 14% experienced accelerated growth.



In this webinar, Sales Effectiveness Consultant and Trainer, Mark Roberts, will share 10-steps companies can take to continue to drive strong results if we experience an economic slowdown or recession.



During this webinar, attendees can expect to learn:

  • Assessing the overall health of your sales team
  • Understand the skills necessary to recession proof your revenue
  • How to identify profit leaking accounts
  • Capture and leverage the voice of your customers
  • And much more! 

Listen to the Webinar Recording now!