The CFO Alliance Q3 Roundtable Series: Timely and Crucial for Ensuring Growth Trajectories

Only 52% of emerging and mid-market CFOs feel confident at the mid-year mark that they’ll meet their full-year 2023 revenue and EBITA targets according to the Mid-2023 CFO Checkpoint Report published by The CFO Alliance in July (download here). This level of confidence contrasts sharply with 80% expressed in the annual 2023 Global Mid-Market CFO Sentiment Report, published in January (download here).

Are enterprises’ offensive and defensive countermeasures strong enough to salvage the year so that their planned year-over-year growth trajectories are sustained? Speaking to, Nick Araco, Jr., founder of The CFO Alliance, offered a bold perspective in their headline article of August 16, Half of Finance Execs Unsure of Hitting 2023 Goals (download the article here).

“The data demonstrates that the CFO’s steadfast commitment to navigating the currents of change and uncertainty will likely help many of the businesses that they lead and serve to stand up against these challenges and position them to seize current and future opportunities. That bodes well for forecasting business and economic performance in 2024.”

So, it’s not just about hitting this year’s plan; it’s about ensuring a year-over-year upward growth stride. And the upshot is that Finance is proving to be the agile optimizer in upholding margins in the face of economic counter forces. CFOs are not just reacting; they are proactively provisioning with business model pivots and leading the big push in the second half to recover their revenue baseline so growth momentum into and well past 2024 is more assured.

What are the success imperatives? What are others doing to overcome and outperform?

Get answers at The CFO Alliance’s Quarterly Roundtables Series. We’re kicking off the Q3 events in the coming days with hyper-relevant content on the budgeting and planning process. You need to be there because the roundtable agendas always spark peer collaboration and creative problem-solving at speed and scale. A community as like-minded and tightly aligned like ours generates deeper dives into the issues and ensures a broader range and higher quality of solutions to bring back to the office. This is where the burning issues of the day get exhaustively examined and transformed into ready-to-implement prescriptions for early wins.

The agenda is packed we hope to see you there.

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