Inclusive Leadership

A Moment with Milton


A Moment with Milton is dedicated to helping understand the value of becoming a more inclusive leader. In addition, providing you with actionable steps that enable you to become a better and more inclusive leader.

What is “Inclusive Leadership”? Inclusive leaders are defined as those who are aware of their own biases and actively seek out and consider different perspectives to inform their decision making and are committed to creating a more collaborative and inclusive workplace.

I bet there are more than a few thinking… “sounds great but we’re facing a recession and I don’t have the time to take on something new.”  I respectfully disagree… this is the perfect time.  If you look at the data, history is full of organizations that not only survived but thrived during times of economic uncertainty. They were able to succeed when many failed by marshaling their resources and narrowing their focus on what activities, products, and services created the most value for the market. 

The basis of the inclusive leadership model is that we create an environment that provides the best opportunity for every member of the organization to maximize their potential.

A great place to start is the Harvard Implicit Bias Test:  Here’s the link: