Empowering The Next Generation of Leaders With Dan Rhoton, Executive Director at Hopeworks

Dan Rhoton Dan Rhoton is the Executive Director at Hopeworks, a nonprofit founded in 2000 to help Camden, New Jersey young adults return to school and create pathways for gainful employment. Dan is an experienced education and nonprofit leader with two decades of experience helping youth and adults achieve their dreams. With a focus on education, technology, and entrepreneurship, Dan and his team at Hopeworks provide a positive, healing atmosphere that propels young people to build strong futures and break the cycle of violence and poverty.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dan Rhoton explains where his career started
  • One of Dan’s favorite success stories from Hopeworks
  • Dan talks about Camden, New Jersey, and the opportunities that are there
  • Dan’s passion for helping and empowering young adults through Hopeworks
  • How Hopeworks creates competence and confidence in the workforce
  • The process Hopeworks uses to find clients
  • Dan shares the three elements he looks for when hiring employees
  • Lessons Dan learned during the pandemic about culture, leadership, and performance
  • What has influenced Dan’s leadership style?
  • Broader ecosystems that Hopeworks is connecting with to scale beyond success

In this episode…

Everybody deserves a second chance, and you never know what an opportunity can lead to. As a leader, how can you help someone that’s struggling achieve their goals? And where can you find the right people to help you?

As Dan Rhoton says, all you need to do is show someone the right path and opportunities for growth to build a stronger future workforce. It takes people that are bold and brave to seek out help from others so that they can bring their authentic selves to what they are doing. You don’t have to shoot for perfection — instead shoot for better and lead with purpose.

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco sits down with Dan Rhoton, the Executive Director at Hopeworks, to discuss how you can strengthen your business and community by helping other people achieve their goals. Dan shares his proudest moment at Hopeworks, how to create competence and confidence in the young workforce, and the three elements to look for when hiring.

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