Leading Social Change with Dr. DeRetta Rhodes, EVP and Chief People Capital Officer for the Atlanta Braves

Dr. DeRetta RhodesDr. DeRetta Rhodes is the Executive Vice President and Chief People Capital Officer for the Atlanta Braves. Dr. Rhodes oversees people capital initiatives for the organization’s major leagues, minor leagues, and The Battery Atlanta operations. In her three seasons with the Atlanta Braves, she has transformed the people capital department, expanded the organization’s culture, and created an internal diversity, equity, and inclusion council.

In addition to this, Dr. Rhodes has served in various board member roles for organizations in the Metro Atlanta community, including HR People + Strategy, Goodwill of North Georgia, 21st Century Leaders, and more. Dr. Rhodes was also recently recognized in Atlanta Business League’s “100 Women of Influence.â€

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dr. DeRetta Rhodes talks about where her passion for people comes from — and how it has guided her career
  • The various ways that HR is evolving from transactional to transformational
  • How does Dr. Rhodes build a strong team?
  • Dr. Rhodes shares what first drew her to baseball
  • The major takeaways from Dr. Rhodes’ dissertation, “The Survival Tactics of Black Women in Corporate Americaâ€
  • What role can leaders play in social change?
  • How to create flexible advancement opportunities for your team
  • What Dr. Rhodes has learned since the pandemic and recent occurrences of racial injustice
  • Dr. Rhodes’ advice for moving into the new normal

In this episode…

There are a number of transformations taking place in communities and industries following the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent racial justice movement. Companies and leaders are adapting to new technologies, new systems, and new perspectives. So, what does that mean for your career development? And how can you continue to support others, enact change, and have a positive impact on the future?

Dr. DeRetta Rhodes is an expert in the HR and people industry — but she’s not a traditional HR professional. She is succeeding in the multidisciplinary industry because of her unique perspectives, involvement in the community, and commitment to lifelong learning. Through her leadership, Dr. Rhodes is removing professional barriers for minorities and transforming the way we approach allyship, sponsorship, and systemwide changes.

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco is joined by Dr. DeRetta Rhodes, the Executive Vice President and Chief People Capital Officer of the Atlanta Braves. Together, they discuss the evolution of HR, the role leadership can play in social change, and Dr. Rhodes’ tips for creating a better workplace for future generations. Dr. Rhodes also talks about the importance of seeking compassion and education in both your personal and professional life. Stay tuned for more!

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