Passion, Purpose, and Performance With May Thao-Schuck, EdD, Vice President of Career and Professional Development at St. Catherine University

May Thao-SchuckMay Thao-Schuck, EdD, is the Vice President of Career and Professional Development at St. Catherine University. With a strong background in leading and advancing teams and organizations, May successfully propels growth through innovative strategic organization and business design. She was previously the Divisional Director of Workforce Development Employment and Training Programs at the Minnesota Department of Employment and the Director of Organizational Development for Training and Development at ActivStyle.

She earned her doctorate in organization development and change from the University of St. Thomas, an MBA from Argosy University, and her bachelor’s in therapeutic recreation and recreational therapy from the University of Minnesota. May is an active board member at the Minnesota State High School League and CommonBond Communities.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • May Thao-Schuck, EdD, talks about her collective approach to excel in the industry
  • How to create a supportive work culture that can impact the success of employees
  • Why is self-advocacy an essential tool for leaders?
  • May explains the definition of satisfaction and building agile systems to compete with the market
  • Challenges organizations face when they are not equipped to secure human capital
  • How to connect and empower generations for problem-solving and cultivating solutions
  • Importance of acknowledging history while building a transparent learning organization
  • Intentionally designing systems to secure the future of our children

In this episode…

Making difficult decisions and recognizing when it's time to pivot can be challenging for leaders. How can you embrace a diverse talent pool to create a stronger team and work environment?

When statistics show that within the first 18 months, 40% of internal promotions and 55% of outside hires leave, how can you equip your organization with the right systems and processes to assemble lasting leadership? For May Thao-Schuck, EdD, the answer may be surprising: holistic positioning. Positioning leaders based on foundational career competencies and adaptability can set up organizations for success. If you want your organization to become successful, begin with your leadership.

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco sits down with May Thao-Schuck, EdD, Vice President of Career and Professional Development at St. Catherine University, to discuss cultivating a workplace with equity and opportunity. May talks about the impact employees make on the workforce environment, challenges organizations face while handling human capital, and how to empower leaders for generations to come.

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