Recruiting, Leading, and Overcoming With Ginny Clarke

Ginny ClarkeGinny Clarke is the CEO of Ginny Clarke, LLC. She is a talent strategist and organizational builder who provides insights to some of the world's leading executive search firms and technology companies. She recently started her consultancy, where she speaks, writes, and hosts the Fifth Dimensional Leadership podcast.

She was the Director of Leadership Staffing and led diversity and internal mobility and non-tech recruiting teams at Google for nearly five years. As a seasoned executive recruiter, Ginny possesses a singular approach to leadership assessment, diversity, recruiting, and talent management that is sought after by her peers.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How Ginny Clarke became a seasoned leader and executive
  • The connection between language and business systems
  • Ginny’s entrance into executive recruiting and what it taught her
  • Why knowing people leads to trusting people
  • Designing your career to serve people
  • How Ginny started Google’s internal mobility department
  • The tension between employee and employer
  • Knowing the difference between managing and leading

In this episode…

An overlooked aspect of leadership is found in recruitment. More than merely focusing on the hiring process, great leaders can enable, nurture, and welcome new people into their teams. This slight shift into conscious leadership starts from the very beginning and runs through the entire relationship. However, this is easier said than done.

Ginny Clarke is aware of the difficulties of conscious leadership and has positioned her career towards helping others develop that mindset. She has worked with powerful brands like Google and Spencer Stuart, growing a thorough approach to recruiting and diversity. Now she explains her ideas to you.

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco talks with Ginny Clarke, CEO of Ginny Clarke, LLC, about recruiting, growing, and conscious leading. They begin with Ginny’s career path and the story that made her the leader she is today. She then dives into greater detail on executive recruiting, developing an internal mobility and diversity team at Google, and knowing the difference between managing and leading. Check out the full episode for all of this and more!

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